How do I find the right bed?

Expert Advice on how to find the right bed for you...

3 zone, 5 zone, 7 zone, vertical zoning, temperature control, Gel Infused Memory Foam, Latex blah blah blah...

It seems that these days you need to be an expert in every component that goes into a bed to know what you are actually shopping for. For instance, what is the difference between Gel Infused Memory Foam and Graphene Infused Memory Foam? And who cares?

To be honest, when you are sleeping on the right bed for you, you actually don't care what it is made from, all you know is that you are comfortable and you wake up feeling better than you did when you went to sleep.

The Purrrfect bed

So let's set some priorities to help you to find the perfect bed.

Priority #1 - Support

The most important feature in a mattress is its ability to support your weight - we've all experienced sleeping on a deflated air-mattress. If a mattress can't support your weight, then it is essentially useless as the support system will compress beyond the point of suspension and you will essentially be sleeping on your wooden bed base.

Supporting your weight is achieved in various ways - Using springs, layers of thick foam or latex and in the old days even water! Our 5 Zone IsoCoil Pocket Spring System is designed to support you in the areas where you need it the most, and are softer in the areas where you don't, to alleviate pressure. They are durable and built to last.

Priority #2 - Alignment

You may think that if you are well supported then you will be comfortable. This isn't always the case, for instance a hard floor can support your weight, but if you have ever slept on the floor you know it isn't comfortable. An essential part of being comfortable and waking up pain free is the alignment of your spine. If your spine is correctly aligned, then it minimizes the weight on your pressure points (Head, Shoulders, Hips and Feet) thereby preventing loss of circulation and pressure related pain. Because our beds are orthopedic, they are designed to maintain spinal alignment regardless of your sleeping position.

Priority #3 - Comfort

Once you are well supported and your spine is correctly aligned, you need to be comfortable in order to fall asleep and stay asleep. Different comfort feels are achieved by combining different layers of high density foam, memory foam, latex, wool and other materials. We use high density quick response foam & memory foam layers combined with soft quilt pillow tops to achieve an excellent feeling of comfort. We also make our mattresses in three different configurations to suit all comfort preferences.

Priority #4 - Movement

Movement is the key reason why waterbeds are pretty much extinct. While they perfectly aligned your spine and supported you, every time your partner moved it felt like you were riding a wave.

Translation of movement is an important factor if you share your bed with someone. The most common ways to minimize this are Pocket Spring support systems or Solid Foam Mattresses.

Pocket Spring Mattresses are by far the most popular as they provide minimal transfer of movement while still giving the traditional feel of an inner sprung mattress that most of us are used to. All of our mattresses use our IsoCoil 5 Zone Pocket Spring system that will reduce transfer of movement and prevent roll together.

Priority #5 - Temperature

A big part of comfort is not just the softness of the comfort layers, but also the temperature of the mattress surface when you are sleeping on it. Usually Pure Wool Layers, Ventilated Latex and Visco Gel are used to prevent overheating or cooling. Our mattresses use pure wool tops or poly wool tops that help to keep your sleeping temperature moderate. Also because they use open coil pocket springs it allows the mattress to breathe far more than solid foam mattresses.

Priority #6 - Quality

Sometimes a mattress may feel perfect when you first purchase it but in just a matter of months it has stopped performing at its optimum level. If a mattress manufacturer doesn't use quality materials or doesn't use enough of a particular material, the feel of the bed can change due to the comfort layers compressing. This can cause you to feel the support system through the layers thereby reducing the comfort. We use high density foam and top quality pocket spring systems to ensure our mattresses will last.

Put this all together and we believe we have the perfect sleep solution for you.

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